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  3. Centenary Tree-Planting Ceremony


2012年4月1日Centenary Tree-Planting Ceremony

JapanCentenarytreeplanintg.jpg“A cherry tree-planting ceremony was held in Yamashita Park in Yokohama on 17 March to commemorate the centenary of USA Girl Scouts and the long friendship between Japanese and US Girl Scouts. 2012 is also the 100th anniversary since cherry trees were sent from Japan to pray for friendship between Japan and the USA, so it was decided to plant cherry trees.
Yamashita Park is especially famous even in Yokohama, a popular tourist spot. As a symbol of friendship between Japanese and US Girl Scouts, a statue was erected in the park 50 years ago. Girl Scouts from USA Girl Scouts Overseas West Pacific and from Kanagawa Council participated in the ceremony and enjoyed a fashion show of old Girl Scout uniforms and a cupcake party, strengthened their friendship and planted cherry trees next to the Girl Scout statue.”