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  3. Stop the Violence Against Girls Seminar


2012年4月1日Stop the Violence Against Girls Seminar

JapanStoptheViolence.jpgThe Stop the Violence Against Girls Seminar, in coordination with GAC, was held in Girl Scouts National Headquarters in Tokyo on 23 December 2011. The seminar was jointly organised by the Cabinet Office and Girl Scouts of Japan and 40 participants attended. In the hands-on workshop by a guest speaker who is involved in preventing DV/date DV, the participants deepened their understanding of the problem of DV/date DV in which girls and young women can be both victims and assailants. They realised that the underlying causes of the problem are discrimination on the basis of gender and the socially accepted view that “that’s the way women should be.” The participants felt anew the need to develop girls’ respect for themselves and for others, and at the same time the need to speak out and change public awareness of the problem. In Girl Scouts of Japan, the young leaders are preparing a toolkit to raise awareness of the problem of DV/date DV, and they are planning activities linked to the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October.