2. English NEWS

2012年4月1日Centenary Tree-Planting Ceremony

JapanCentenarytreeplanintg.jpg“A cherry tree-planting ceremony was held in Yamashita Park in Yokohama on 17 March to commemorate the centenary of USA Girl Scouts and the long friendship between Japanese and US Girl Scouts. 2012 is also the 100th anniversary since cherry trees were sent from Japan to pray for friendship between Japan and the USA, so it was decided to plant cherry trees. (さらに…)

2012年4月1日Interview with WAGGGS and WOSM Directors

JapanWorldboardinterviewSAJ.jpgFollowing the election of world board members from both Girl Scouts of Japan and the Scout Association of Japan in 2011, the interview took place at Scout Kaikan in Tokyo on 21 March. Under the theme of “Japanese who are active on the world stage”, WAGGGS World Board Member Teruko Wada and WOSM World Scout Committee Member Mari Nakano talked about the background to their election, (さらに…)

2012年4月1日Japan-Korea Youth Exchange Programme

JapanKoreaExchange1.jpg“The Japan-Korea Youth Exchange Programme was held from 4 to 11 January 2012, with 91 Korean Girl Scouts visiting Japan. The delegation was divided into six groups which took part in exchange programmes with Hokkaido, Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama and Oita Councils. This year, too, (さらに…)

2012年4月1日GSJ's New PR Image

tag_line_logoWith the cooperation of a famous Japanese advertising agency, Girl Scouts of Japan created a new PR image (tagline and body copy) in order to widely publicise Girl Scouts’ world view and appeal to society. The new PR image will be used from April 2012. The tagline “生きるが育つ。ガールスカウト (Living is Growing – Girl Scouts)” (さらに…)