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  3. Girl Scouts of Japan vow to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


2013年10月18日Girl Scouts of Japan vow to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Saturday, October 12, 2013 noon at Office of Prime Minister

Five Girl Scouts visited Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today, celebrating the second International Day of the Girl. Girl Scouts of Japan has launched “Girls in the Lead, Girls Creating Future for Japan” campaign yesterday, promoting girls to take lead in society and change the country better for all girls and women in Japan.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe had recently said that the power of women is another source of major potential for Japan that has not been fully utilized. He called for women to fill up 30% of senior positions in all aspects of society by 2020. Under his strong and accelerating leadership, issues surrounding Japanese women are about changing drastically and talked at loud in Japan.

Girl Scouts of Japan has made “Three vows to Prime Minister Abe, for Creating Future of Japan”.

  • We, Girl Scouts will make the most with Prime Minister Abe, creating the world in which women’s potential is fully utilized.
  • We will be a leader who has a global perspective.
  • We will discover our potential and be confident with friends and be the person we’d like to be.

Girl Scouts asked Abe to make society in which our potential and talent will be fully utilized by the time we will be women of Japan. Abe said that it will be a long journey but it is possible and I will do it with speed by year 2020. Abe was nodding deep while girl scouts are stating their opinions, and also said, “The society Girl Scouts want is the society my policy is heading to.” “Thanks to you, the International Day of the Girl is now promoted in Japan,” he added.

Girl Scouts of Japan

PM listened to us!!

Girl Scouts shared their feelings after the meeting with PM as the following;

●Message from a girl scout of a university student;
I am pleased to have opportunity to meet with PM, and present our three vows directly to the current top leader in Japan. In our meeting I felt Japanese society expects many things to girls’ and ladies’ potentiality, and that made us more confident. I was encouraged very much by PM’s strong words that he would realize the Japanese society in 2020 as we girls hope or expect. For the improvement of women’s position, capacity building and issue resolution surrounding us I will do my best, and with consideration I will deliver the positive message.

●Message from a girl scout of high school student;
At first, I felt nervous very much. But I thought anyway we could convey our message to him. PM told us that he would guarantee the future where women would succeed. I was really happy about the fact that there was, with me, the political leader who listened to girls’ voices, and nodded deeply. At the same time, we, Girl Scouts, must keep trying hard for our future.