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2012年10月15日WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme

WAGGGS and the Girl Scouts of Japan is hosting a WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) in Tokyo, Japan from 2-7 October 2012.

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2012年4月1日National Ranger Girl Scouts Gathering

JapanGathering.jpg“The National Ranger Girl Scouts Gathering was held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo from 23 to 25 December 2011. (さらに…)

2012年4月1日Stop the Violence Against Girls Seminar

JapanStoptheViolence.jpgThe Stop the Violence Against Girls Seminar, in coordination with GAC, was held in Girl Scouts National Headquarters in Tokyo on 23 December 2011. The seminar was jointly organised by the Cabinet Office and Girl Scouts of Japan and 40 participants attended. (さらに…)

2012年4月1日General Meeting

JapanGeneralMeeting.jpg“Girl Scouts of Japan held an ordinary general meeting on 26 February 2012. The priority items were GSJ’s Goals and Strategies (2012-2015) based on WAGGGS new goals and strategies, and next year’s draft project plans and budget based on the goals and strategies, which were all approved. (さらに…)