2. English NEWS

2012年4月1日GSJ Programme Trainer Qualification Panel

“7 nominees from 4 councils attended and 5 successfully qualified. The questions in both the written and practical tests were taken from Girl Scout basics. As the answers in the written test were noticeably inadequate, the trainers advised the nominees to familiarise themselves fully with the basics. (さらに…)

2012年4月1日GSJ Girl Scout Trainer Qualification Training and Qualification Panel

“11 nominees from 8 councils participated and all 11 successfully qualified.
As Girl Scout Trainers perform the additional tasks of providing training in management and certifying training units, they mainly learned about “”management”” and “”training”” and confirmed the role of Girl Scout Trainers. In addition, as Girl Scout Trainers, they will be required to play a prominent role from now on, (さらに…)

2012年4月1日Exchanges with USA Girl Scouts Overseas West Pacific

A training course to learn about the 100-year history of Girl Scouts of the USA and to learn some English songs was held at Camp Zama, a US military base in Kanagawa prefecture, on 6 February, with the cooperation of FOU (Friends of US/a friendship society for exchanges between Japanese and US Girl Scouts) which organises exchange activities with Girl Scouts from USA Girl Scouts Overseas West Pacific. (さらに…)

2012年4月1日Preparations for WLDP are underway

JapanWLDP.JPGIn preparation for WLDP (WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme) to be held in Japan in October, Ms. Lydia Mutare and Ms. Ching Ching Wee-Ong from WAGGGS came to Japan and a meeting was held with the GSJ executive committee members to discuss the content of the programme. (さらに…)